Introducing the DOF SNAP Face Scanner

SNAP Face Scanner Preorder

Regular price $5,000 - Reserve now for $2,500

Reserve now for $2,500 and receive and additional bite box which includes 60 bites and 20 scan targets.

The new SNAP face scanner from Degree of Freedom is now ready for preorder in North America. 

Do not miss the chance to be the first to integrate 3D patient face data in CAD designs for virtual diagnostics, full arch prosthetics, and much more!

This one of kind face scanner will allow better integration and communication with the dental lab and clinic as well a great dentist to patient presentation.




The SNAP face scanner is a small portable device incorporated with a high performance tablet that allows for easy stationary and mobile face scanning.

It uses a unique workflow that uses scan targets to align the jaw scans to the face scan data, which allows for an extremely accurate integration.